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WeatherSig is a fun tool that allows you to display your city weather conditions in your email signature for many popular mail programs. Your signature can be inserted manually or automatically into outgoing messages for Microsoft Live Mail, Microsoft Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird and more.

Not only does WeatherSig allow you to insert your current weather conditions into your email but WeatherSig also allows popular fortune cookie abilities and customized signature settings for your business or private use. Fortune Cookies are customizable, we have made it simple for you to add your own special cookies or you can use our cookie file which includes thousands of jokes, quotes, deep thoughts and more. If your not sure what a fortune cookie is, basically it's a one line joke, proverb, quote of the day line that is inserted into each email you create.

You'll have fun sharing your weather with friends family or colleagues. But make sure your friends use it too! It becomes habit forming checking each email they send to you, you'll want to see what their weather is currently like, just as they like looking at your weather! If you leave our "Created By WeatherSig" line in your signature, most people will see your new weather signature and realize this is something cool and download it before you have a chance to tell them about it.

"I hope you enjoy WeatherSig like our family does!" 

Date: 10/11/2022 Version: 2.00


Windows Software





Change Log


Current Change Log

  • v2.00

    Completely rebuilt communications and parsing routines.
    Installer updates.
    Security fixes
    Digitally signed to support Windows installations
    Maintenance to each Mailer integration
    I kept the signature play sound function but I believe most mail programs now ignore sound.
    Many other fixes and function adjustments, too many to list..
    All users, please register to support this project.
  • 1.50
    A few reported small bugs squashed.
    Much faster, online code improved.
    Faster Signature Creation.
    Registration Changes.
    If you previously registered, this is not a Free upgrade unless you purchased within 1 year.
  • 1.40
    Windows Live Support changes.
    A few small bugs squashed.
  • 1.33
    Recompiled with new protection routines.
    A few small bugs squashed.
  • 1.32
    Importing to Thunderbird failed if more than one profile existed fixed.
  • 1.31
    Windows auto-start fixed
  • 1.30
    New Windows7 support added.
    Better suport for Windows Vista
    Data structure relocated for Windows updates
    Added quick cookie edit button to settings
  • 1.20
    Now includes sound support for Outlook Express and Microsoft Mail.
    New Windows Vista and Microsoft Mail support added.
    Temperature display refined and corrected.
    Now supports the display of weather measurements in US/Metric/Both
  • 1.10
    Over 100 new cities added, also fixes missing Minnesota.
    Includes over 700 new International locations.
    Field drag & drop support added, you can change order of signature
    lines When editing a previously created signature file, 
    the signature creator was incorrectly marking some fields bold, adding personal boxes, etc. , fixed.

    Minor spelling mistake fixed in templates and software
    Extra spaces above and below generated signatures have been corrected, all older signature templates should be edited and saved to update to see change..

    Microsoft Outlook support added.
    Correctly displays degree symbol in wind output
  • 1.00
    Initial Release

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