The MyIPAlert software grew out of the need to know when your computer IP address had changed and then notify you with the new IP whether you are at home or away. Supports most ISP SMTP servers. MyIPAlert automatically sends an email alert when your computer IP address changes to any number of e-mail addresses. Handy for those that run game servers at home. Alerts are configurable and can be turned on or off. A nice Balloon style hint will also display when your IP address has changed. A log is also kept of all past IP changes, so you can look back and see your IP history. MyIPAlert will sit quietly in your Windows system tray, move your mouse over the tray and see your IP address anytime, uses very little resources Built for Microsoft Windows computers.

Date: 10/14/2022 Version: 2.00


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Change Log


Current Change Log

  • v2.00
    Updates needed for Windows 10
  • v1.00
    First stable version

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