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This VisualNEO plugin functions as an advanced mouse activity detector, providing real-time monitoring and notifications for every subtle movement.

Much like an alert system, it promptly informs you of any suspicious activity, enhancing your security measures significantly. With this tool, you can identify and respond to potential threats quickly and efficiently. The plugin allows for custom responses to irregular activities, enabling you to safeguard your system against unauthorized access.

Additionally, its multilingual support ensures comprehensive protection, regardless of the user's location. Upon purchase, you will receive the download link and activation code immediately, allowing you to fortify your system without delay. Equip your computer with this powerful tool to elevate your security to a professional standard.

Date: 03/13/2023 Version: 1.00


VisualNeo Windows Plugin




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ezMouse Alarm Introduction Video

Displays ezMouse Alarm in Action

Current Change Log

  • v1.00

    First stable version. v1.00

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