ezKey Plugin

 Version:    1.01  4/28/2023
This VisualNEO plugin allows for a secure algorithm timebomb/trial/registration of your VisualNEOWin programs.  Create trial software, the end-user can use your software until trial period is over.  To continue use, they will enter a License ID and a serial number to register.  If their registration information is correct, then the program becomes registered.  
Created keys optionally allow an expiration date to be hidden in the registration code.  This would help prevent the illegal spread of issued codes over a period of time.  So, If  a user enters a registration code beyond the expiration date, ezKey will not accept the code.  With each software version you can create a ban list of keys to deny.  You can even generate PHP files for each project. This will make it possible for you to create registration codes on your web server.  Perfect for online purchases. 
Includes a separate key generator software, example program and plugin.
VisualNeoWin Plugin
Regrettably, we are unable to offer a trial version of this plugin, given its distinctive nature. However, we have taken the liberty to furnish you with an extensive account of the plugin, complemented by visual aids such as pictures and a video, which aptly showcase its functionalities and abilities. Please purchase the plugin first, and we will then send you the link to access the plugin and project files.   You can contact me if you have any specific needs.
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