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This VisualNEO/NeoBook plugin is a replacement for the VisualNeo command FileOpenBox.

With this plugin, you can easily obtain filenames or multiple filenames using a user-friendly Windows file open dialog box. Set File-mask, filter index, labels and more. When you close the dialog box, you can optionally restore the opening directory to its previous state, regardless of any changes made by the user.

Developed using C# and the .NET framework 4.5, this plugin guarantees top-notch performance. Not only that, but it also features an enhanced file preview compared to the default VisualNeoWin FileOpenBox. This makes it perfect for effortlessly browsing through image folders and more.

Includes demo with VisualNeo source and plugin.

Date: 06/04/2023 Version: 1.10


VisualNeo Windows Plugin





Change Log


Current Change Log

  • 1.10
    Added file mask filter index
  • v1.00
    First stable version

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