ezCredits Plugin


ezCredits Plugin



This is a VisualNEO for Windows plugin that creates a vertical scrolling text area. You can use as credits, like at the end of movies, videos, etc., or just scroll any text you want to automate inside any rectangle object.

Features include, adjustable scroll speed, font settings, color settings, background colors and image backgrounds and adjustable border settings.

Configurable events and actions like Enable or disable animation, freeze credits on mouse over. Click and Double-click mouse actions and events. Set animation, text and add lines during or before scroll events.

Configurable subroutines for click events and on last credit displayed. Configurable variable that contains the current line added to credits, this is handy for display or configurable actions based on your key word. Sample apps provided upon purchase..

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Date: 03/01/2024 Version: 1.00


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Change Log


Current Change Log

  • v1.00 
    - First stable version.

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