VBScript, RIP? We investigate if Microsoft is burying the language six feet under!

Microsoft has been gradually moving away from VBScript in recent years and has recommended that developers use alternative scripting languages such as PowerShell or JavaScript. While VBScript is still supported on current versions of Windows at this time in 2023, Microsoft announced that VBScript will no longer be supported in Internet Explorer 11 starting July 9th, 2019 and will not be included in Microsoft's current Edge browser. Additionally, Microsoft has strongly recommended against using VBScript in new applications and has been encouraging developers to use more modern languages and tools. Now, recent Windows 11 updates offer the uninstall option and also caution users about the security vulnerabilities of VBScript. I would expect that VBScript will be completely uninstalled from Windows later this year in 2023.

What can we use as a VBScript replacement?

In most cases, PowerShell should be available by default on Windows 10 and Windows 11, and you should be able to use it without any additional setup. However, depending on the version of Windows you are using and how it is configured, there are a few things you might need to check or configure to use PowerShell in your application.

For example, if your application is targeting a specific version of PowerShell or requires certain PowerShell modules or components, you might need to install those components separately. Additionally, if PowerShell is not enabled or available on the target system, you might need to enable it through the Windows Features dialog or by running the appropriate PowerShell cmdlets or scripts.

Overall, PowerShell is a powerful and flexible tool that can be used by Windows software applications to automate tasks, manage system configurations, and perform a wide range of other system administration tasks. With the right configuration and setup, PowerShell can be a valuable tool for developers and system administrators alike.

PowerShell is generally considered to be a good replacement for VBScript on Windows. While VBScript was a popular scripting language for Windows systems in the past, it has several limitations and security issues that make it less suitable for modern environments. PowerShell, on the other hand, is a more modern and powerful scripting language that is specifically designed for Windows system administration.

One of the advantages of PowerShell over VBScript is that PowerShell offers much greater flexibility and functionality. PowerShell includes a wide range of built-in commands, called cmdlets, that allow you to perform complex system administration tasks with just a few lines of code. PowerShell also supports advanced scripting features, such as variables, loops, and functions, that make it easier to write and maintain complex scripts.

In addition to its flexibility and functionality, PowerShell also offers enhanced security features that make it a more secure scripting language for Windows systems. PowerShell includes features such as code signing, execution policies, and constrained language modes, which help to protect against malicious code and unauthorized access.

Overall, PowerShell is a powerful and versatile scripting language that is well-suited for modern Windows environments. While there may be situations where VBScript is still the preferred scripting language, it's lifespan has ended and PowerShell is generally considered to be a good replacement for VBScript on Windows.

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